New England Fly Tyers

... To foster the art of fly tying, to promote the challenge of fly fishing, and to encourage conservation and sportsmanship.

About NEFT


The NEFT meets every Monday evening at 7 PM from the Monday after Labor Day to the Monday before Memorial day.  We meet at the Singletary Rod & Gun , 300 Sutton Ave., Oxford Ma.

Our mailing address is:
PO BOX 164
Worcester, MA 01613

Membership dues are $30.00  per year for adults and $15.00 a year for those under 16 years of age and will paid during the month of February of each year. The NEFT is one of the most active organizations of its kind.

Here is a summary of our activites:

  • "Favorite Fly" Tying demonstrations by club members.
  •  Free Pasta and Meatball Dinner, first meeting in December.
  •  Exhibiting at the Fly Fishing Show at the Royal Plaza in Marlboro in early January.
  • Our two Annual Open Houses will be on Monday, January 25th after The Fly Fishing Show at the Royal Plaza in Marlboro, MA and the 2nd Open House will be on Monday, February 8th, featuring tying demonstrations, free sample of a fly tying lesson, preview showing one of the ten lessons on the NEFT Video of Fly Tying, special raffle and more.
  • The beginning of The Ten Lesson Fly Tying Course using both the printed NEFT Manual that each student will receive and The NEFT Video of Fly Tying  and instructed by our chief fly tying instructor Jim McKenney and assisted by Dale Mills will start on Monday February  15, 2016.
  •  NEFT assist Division of Fish & Wildlife in early May of each year, with stocking of trout in selected streams.
  • Our Family Outing at Trout Brook Reservation in Holden MA on May 14, 2016 which includes fly fishing and a cookout starting at noontime.
  • Our Annual Fly Fishing Outing on the June 4th Weekend of each year at the Deerfield River which features a Steak Luncheon at noontime at the Zoar Picnic Area in Charlemont, MA.
  • NEFT Rod Building Class will start on March 7, 2016, our instructors Paul Breau and Dan Heglin will show you all the basic procedures in custom rod building and help you build a rod. Come to one of our open houses listed on the home page or visit us at this year Fly Fishing Show at the Royal Plaza in Marlboro, Ma on January 22-24 2016. Also go to our home page and click on Rod Building for more details and the application to sign up.
  •  Our Youth Outreach Program teaches children from ages 10-17 how to tie flies and how to fly cast with a fly rod. This is a 7 week course which starts on March 17, 2018 in which each child will receive free of charge a fly tying kit and a fly rod and reel with line. For more information as far as course description and application go to our home page and click on Youth Outreach Program.

See our Calendar of Events for specific dates of coming events.