New England Fly Tyers

... To foster the art of fly tying, to promote the challenge of fly fishing, and to encourage conservation and sportsmanship.



Membership dues are $30.00  per year for adults and $15.00 a year for those under 16 years of age and will be paid during the month of February of each year. The NEFT is one of the most active organizations of its kind.

Membership dues are due during the month of February of each year. For new memberships, dues paid during September opening night through January will be recorded as being paid on the first of February. New members who had paid dues between March 1st and before the annual meeting will be required to pay dues the following February. A break in membership will occur on the last day of February if dues are not paid up. The date in which dues are received by mail will be recorded as paid and shall be determined by the postmark on the envelope. (Amended 2014)

Select the link for the form you need down below.  Print and complete the form.  The form can be mailed to the club P.O. Box or handed in at the Monday meeting.

Download New Membership Application here.

Download Membership Renewal Form here.

Download Change of address and/or correction form here.