New England Fly Tyers

... To foster the art of fly tying, to promote the challenge of fly fishing, and to encourage conservation and sportsmanship.

Youth Outreach Program




Several years ago we started a Youth Outreach Program with the goal of teaching kids how to tie flies and how to cast with a fly rod.  The program takes place on 7 Saturday mornings and features the first three lessons of our flytying course.

The Youth Out Reach Program is a classroom type setting, with students learning how to tie flies, cast a fly rod and catch a fish with all the tools and equipment supplied to the student. A seven week program on Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm. Always the last 4 Saturday's in March and 3 in April. The student will learn why he ties flies for fishing through the study of Entomology. With a booklet on teaching tying and the video of the instruction, the student will go from beginner to intermediate status. Will learn how cast a fly rod and how to applicate the flies with the fly fishing equipment. The last class the student will catch a fish with his own Rod and flies he or she has tied. Followed by a BBQ All fly tying and fly fishing tools are supplied to the student free of charge. This is a commitment , so the student must attend all classes to receive the equipment. The student will be able to carry this learning with him or her their entire life. Classes are held at the Leicester Rod and Gun Club, Leicester, MA.

If you would like to sign up for the program, please download the NEFT Youth Outreach Program Application here.  Print and complete the form.  The form can be mailed to the club P.O. Box or handed in at the Monday meeting...