Welcome to the web site of the New England Fly Tyers (NEFT).  

NEFT is a non-profit organization of fly fishers and fly tyers.  The purpose of the organization is to foster the art  of fly tying, to promote the challenge of fly fishing, to encourage conservation and sportsmanship.

NEFT began in Worcester, MA in 1972.  Our current membership comes from over 50 cities and towns in Worcester County.   We believe that NEFT is one of the most active clubs of its kind.  We meet every Monday night from the Monday after Labor Day to the Monday before Memorial day, a total of 36 meetings in 9 months.

Open House Monday, February 16.
Prize Raffle  including an Orvis Encore 5 wt. Rod

Reminder, Memberships are due this month.

Hope to see you all there.

Fly Tying Class
Starts February 23
$50 for members, $80 for non members
Bring your own tools, club will provide tying materials and manual.

Rod Building Class - Coming Soon
Need a new rod? Here's your chance. Three Monday nights.
A list of necessary supplies will be provided with suggested purchase sites.
Instruction free for club members, $25 for non-members.